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Hi I'm Rajeev Raja

Hi I am Rajeev Raja, The man behind the viral song that everyone has been sharing over social media and messengers from past one month. Friends Anthem has become an instant hit among people especially friends with 200+ Million Views.

The Friends Anthem becomes most viewed video by any independent Himachali artist I am a Himachali singer who loves to sing, compose and write songs in Hindi, Pahari, Punjabi, and English. A lover of music, especially of Indian and western classical music am also awarded the title of the ‘Himachal Idol’ in 2008. I am a Passionate LIVE performer and have sung in over 1200+ LIVE stage performances throughout India. I am a versatile singer and I love raw music, using popular elements to create a fusion of Indian and western music is my genre, coupled with my original compositions and lyrics. I combined his love for art, music and performing into a lifelong professional pursuit. Scroll down further to get a glimpse into my life and work.

Listen to my Latest Track "Na Sochenge Tujhko | BREAKUP ANTHEM"

After the greatest sensational hit of 2018 - The Friendship Anthem, Here is something dedicated to my heart broken brothers, New Single - "Rajeev Raja - Na Sochenge Tujhko | BREAKUP ANTHEM"

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